SRC-B Ranks 3rd in the MIPI at ECCV 2022

The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) is a biennial research conference with its proceedings published by Springer Science + Business Media. It is considered to be one of the top conferences in computer vision, alongside the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) and International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). The workshop on Mobile Intelligent Photography & Imaging (MIPI) is held in ECCV 2022 which aims to develop and integrate advanced image sensors with novel algorithms into the camera systems of mobile platforms. Samsung R&D Institute China - Beijing (SRC-B) achieved excellent results in the MIPI 2022. This represents a new breakthrough for SRC-B in the fields of under-display camera image restoration and enhancement.

SRC-B took part in the ‘Image Restoration for Under-display Camera at MIPI-challenge’ track and ranked third in it. The competition attracted a large number of followers and participants from the industry and academia.

The consumer demand for smartphones with bezel-free, notch-less displays has sparked a surge of interest from phone manufacturers in the newly-defined imaging system, the Under-Display Camera (UDC). In particular, Samsung has been using the Under-Display Camera since the Galaxy Z Fold3. The UDC systems, however, introduce a new class of complex image degradation problems, combining strong flare, haze, blur, and noise. Therefore, while bringing forth a better user experience, the UDC may sacrifice image quality and affect other downstream vision tasks.

SRC-B proposed an efficient method called the ‘MRNet,’ which stands for Multi-Refinement Network for Image Restoration on Under-display Camera. Our ‘MRNet’ has won first place in the NTIRE 2021 Defocus Deblurring using Dual-pixel Images Challenge (CVPR2021) through the use of the Multi-scale Residual Group Module (MSRGM). In this track, we modified and improved the ‘MRNet’ to get an enhanced performance on under-display camera image restoration.

SRC-B’s team members