Mobile Bixby Welcomes an Awaited Feature: On-Device Bixby for 4 European Languages

Samsung R&D Institute Poland’s own Voice Intelligence Research Team has recently launched a completely new way to interact with Mobile Bixby . The launch of 4 applications for French, German, Italian and Spanish took place on February 14th, 2023. Thanks to our team’s skills and expertise as well as great cooperation with European MQA Bixby Testing Teams, it is now possible to use some of the most frequently used Bixby Voice features end-to-end directly on the phone without transferring any data online. With on-device, Bixby is now faster than before as it detects and processes your voice without having to go through the server.

※ With four European languages, Bixby now supports eight languages as On-Device among total eleven languages. (Bixby supported languages: en-US, en-GB, en-IN, ko-KR, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, es-Latin, pt-BR, zh-CH)

Following a widespread trend to improve user privacy, make the interaction with Samsung’s own Voice Assistant Bixby faster and more efficient, we have had the honour to develop on-device for the four European languages in Bixby that our team has been working on since the very beginning of Bixby 2.0 in 2018 within the cloud paradigm. Learning to develop an end-to-end system that would handle user requests with lower latency without the need to send any data to the cloud and that we would be able to release as an independently working binary recalled by Bixby Client, has been a challenge and an amazing experience.

Our Signal Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding and Text-to-Speech experts, engineers and computational linguists, contributed to preparing resources for neural models’ training, localized data and developed a fully functional product that was approved for launch that was meant to be welcomed on the market (in Galaxy Store) to accompany the flagship S23 launch.

From the launch on the 14th of February, it is available on Galaxy S22 series, S23 series, Z Flip3, Z Flip4, Z Fold3, Z Fold4 and 40 other models and on 3 Android OS versions (Android 11 and later) as an option called “On-Device Mode” that once enabled by the user, allows on-device Bixby to handle many commands in System, Launcher, Phone, Clock, Settings and World Clock services .

Internet down or slow? Worried about sharing your voice data online? You can now ask Bixby to turn on the flashlight on your phone, activate calls and alarms with voice, open apps and perform many other actions with no Wi-Fi or data transfer and it will work seamlessly. Enjoy!