Inspired in Spire: Empowering B2B Business and Elevating Support in EMEA

In the heart of Europe, in Warsaw Spire office, Samsung R&D Institute Poland (SRPOL) orchestrated three momentous events that left a lasting impact on the business landscape and EMEA subsidiaries support. From the transformative 1H 2023 VD Spring Solution Summit, through awe-inspiring W.I.N. (which stands for What’s Important Now) in MX B2B Workshop to the enlightening European MX B2B Technical Summit. Samsung R&D Institute Poland proved its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, building robust relationships, and empowering the entire region.

With an unyielding focus on continuous improvement, the EU VD Solution Summit marked the first remarkable event hosted by SRPOL this year. This hybrid workshop was specifically designed for reviewing current B2B technical support operations and market issues, exemplified the company's commitment to customer-centricity.

Samsung R&D Institute Poland recognizes that the success of EMEA subsidiaries in the business-to-business arena hinges on efficient technical support operations. The workshop acted as a catalyst for change, fostering a deep understanding of the challenges faced by subsidiaries and providing tailored solutions to overcome them. Through collaborative brainstorming and sharing of best practices, the participants left the workshop equipped with practical strategies to enhance their B2B technical support services. This emphasis on continuous improvement mirrored SRPOL’s unwavering commitment to empowering its subsidiaries to thrive in a competitive market.

EU VD Event: 1H 2023 Spring Solution Summit

Next came W.I.N. in MX B2B Workshop that was a grand affair that brought together sales heads from various Samsung subsidiaries across Europe. During the visit of our guests, we were proud to introduce the futuristic, state-of-technology showroom. This gathering was not just about showcasing Samsung's latest products, but a holistic experience that redefined innovation. The showroom, an epitome of cutting-edge technology, provided a mesmerizing platform for the subsidiaries to witness firsthand the power of Samsung's solutions. In this dynamic setting, SRPOL played a pivotal role by introducing the subsidiaries to an extensive spectrum of solutions. By demonstrating the innovative functionalities, we reaffirmed commitment to empowering businesses and consumers. The gathering facilitated fruitful interactions, enabling the sales heads to forge strong business relationships. This personal touch was instrumental in strengthening the bonds between the subsidiaries and SRPOL creating a sense of camaraderie and shared vision for the future.

MX Workshop: W.I.N. in MX B2B Workshop

Following the success of the W.I.N. in MX B2B Workshop, Samsung R&D Institute Poland didn't rest on its laurels. Instead, we have hosted the European MX B2B Technical Summit, a knowledge-sharing extravaganza aimed at elevating the understanding of product updates and service strategies across subsidiaries. Engineers and technical experts from Samsung R&D Institute Poland took center stage, unveiling the latest advancements in Knox products and imparting invaluable insights. Through interactive workshops, discussions, and hands-on sessions, the attendees were empowered with the tools and knowledge to deliver exceptional support and services to customers in the region.

This summit epitomized SRPOL’s unwavering dedication to cultivating excellence within its subsidiaries. By fostering an environment of learning and collaboration, they paved the way for EMEA subsidiaries to stay ahead of the curve, consistently innovating and enhancing their offerings.

MX Event: Samsung EU MX B2B Tech Summit

The trio of events showcased the company's unwavering commitment to advancing innovation and supporting its EMEA region subsidiaries. From the EU VD Solution Summit that transformed support operations to the W.I.N. in B2B Workshop that celebrated innovation and strengthened relationships and European MX B2B Technical Summit that fostered knowledge sharing. SRPOL’s contributions were paramount.

Samsung R&D Institute Poland achievements and efforts are constantly recognized and acknowledged by Samsung HQ. Global Mobile B2B Team awarded SRPOL RTAM (Regional Technical Account Manager) with RTAM of the Year 2022 Award. Then again in Q1 2023 Best Technical Support Team Award and Best RTAM Individual Award were granted to SRPOL.

Annual 2022 and Q1 2023 SRPOL RTAM Awards

Currently, one of the goals of SRPOL in the B2B area is to find synergies between solution and services from various domains (DA, MX, VX) and actively support the One Samsung idea. The team structure and working environment is already prepared to facilitate the seamless integration of ideas and expertise from different departments. SRPOL aims to drive innovation and deliver comprehensive solutions that cater the evolving needs of Samsung B2B customers. Moreover, the proactive engagement with the One Samsung initiative will allow SRPOL to contribute its unique strengths to the larger Samsung ecosystem, creating a powerful and unified force in the market.

As the ripple effects of these events and SRPOL plans spread across the region, one thing became clear: Samsung R&D Institute Poland dedication to fostering innovation and providing unparalleled support was a driving force behind the success of sales subsidiaries in EMEA. The dynamic collaboration between Samsung R&D Institute Poland and sales subsidiaries promises a brighter, more technologically advanced future for businesses and consumers alike, firmly establishing Samsung as a pioneer in the industry.