In Retrospect, Q4 Townhall Pulls the Curtain on a Year of Success

On 15 December, Friday, Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) organized Q4 Townhall of 2023 in its premises. This townhall offered a retrospective view of the progress made in the whole year. It also served as the platform to award the best performing employees in the third quarter of year 2023.

The final Townhall of the bygone year also ushered a fantastic news for SRBD, as Md. Mahmud Muntakim Khan from NC Experience Group (NXG) secured a prestigious global award of Samsung Electronics for his extraordinary effort in driving innovation beyond his regular tasks. In his speech, Muntakim thanked his teammates and other associated individuals for their respective support in helping him achieve the accolade.

At the beginning of the speech session, Wahidur Rahman, Head of R&D Operation Group, came on to the stage and highlighted the achievements and progress made in 2023 in terms of development operations.

Muhammad Omar Faroque, Head of Finance, then appeared on the podium and put the spotlight on the major highlights happened in the financial chapter of the company. Later on, Tarique Rahman Khan, Head of Management Support Group, provides a throwback on some of the key additions to the employee benefits. Thereafter, Wahidur Rahman was again called onto the stage to commence the award session. Awarded employees had a sense of accomplishment printed on their faces and it was indeed a sight to behold.

Finally, Wonmo Ku, Managing Director of SRBD, was invited on the stage to deliver his much anticipated speech. Always wearing a chuckle on the face, he revisited the last 12 months with great satisfaction and lauded all the award winners for excelling in their respective tasks. In addition to this, he also glorified the contribution from several groups for their selfless support to help the company make forward strides.