Digital Health Design Team - 2021 Award Announcements​


The Digital Health Design Team is honored to announce that we recently won five internationally renowned design awards. Clio Trial Management System won a Red Dot Award in interface design, My Heart Lab & My Lung Health won San Francisco Design Week 2021 Awards in Health & Wellness, My Heart Lab won the Core77 Design Award in Service Design along with the Community Choice Award, and My Lung Health won the UX Design Awards 2021 Product Design Award.

Created in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition that recognizes excellence in three categories — Product Design, Brand and Communication, and Design Concept. As the most renowned design competition, the distinction “Red Dot” has become one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design and is an acknowledgment of the best in design and business. Award-winning designs are presented in the Red Dot Design Museums, the online presentation, and the Red Dot Design annual publication.

San Francisco Design Week Awards is an international design competition seeking to encourage thought leadership by supporting designers whose works can contribute towards a positive future for society.

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards annually celebrates the richness of the design profession as well as the insight and perseverance of its practitioners.

The UX Design Awards are a global competition for excellence in UX that honor the huge impact of accomplished experience design on shaping a positive living environment for all.

Clio Trial Management System

Clio is the next generation of healthcare data interfaces, a versatile clinical trial management system designed for a range of stakeholders and trials that serves as a foundation to support continued refinement and future iterations.

Clio consolidates and centralizes trial information and data all in one place, allowing users to quickly navigate and manage multiple congruent studies. The modular design provides a scalable foundation to easily add new modules and progressively expand capabilities in future versions. Furthermore, the adaptive structure also allows Clio to be fully tailored to each trial and customized to each user’s particular preferences.

The system provides multiple ways to interact and explore the data in-depth, from built-in filters to compare different data sets to hovering over an element to reveal tooltips with more granular details. Clio is a cutting-edge system that surfaces valuable insights while providing a refined and personalized user experience.

My Heart Lab

AFib is an irregular heart rhythm typically affecting people 65+ that can lead to serious complications. The CDC estimates 12M people in the US alone will have AFib by 2030. Although prevalent, there are surprisingly few products readily available to detect & monitor AFib.

My Heart Lab is a complete research study app ecosystem that includes phone & watch apps plus comprehensive clinician reports, allowing users to detect & monitor possible AFib and share reports with their doctors. My Heart Lab includes the world’s 1st watch app combining PPG technology for continuous AFib monitoring with a verification ECG & the world’s 1st featuring AFib burden assessment.

It was designed & developed by Samsung Research America’s Digital Health Lab in close collaboration with leading cardiologists at UCSF. Together we were able to uncover valuable insights that would make the product successful in both consumer & healthcare environments to ultimately aid in clinical decision-making.

My Lung Health

339M people suffer from asthma globally according to the WHO. Surprisingly, asthma monitoring is currently limited to patient symptom reporting & clinical observations.

My Lung Health is a research study app created by Samsung Research America’s Digital Health Lab in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to detect asthma. The app’s intuitive design reduces typically lengthy in-person pulmonary tests to quick tasks users can complete anywhere, relaying important health data to physicians to aid in determining the best course of treatment.

By redesigning & transforming a complicated in-person clinical observation into an accurate remote health monitoring process, we are setting a new precedent for how research is conducted in the field. The app serves as a model for studying health conditions that have previously only been investigated in clinical settings while offering a revolutionary solution that is leading the way to improved treatment for millions of people worldwide.