2023 Tizen Partner Summit: A Deep Dive into Technical Excellence

2023 Tizen Partner Summit was held in Samsung European Display Showroom in Frankfurt, from 25th to 26th of October. The event takes place yearly and focuses on introducing innovations within the Tizen platform along with insights from the Smart Signage ecosystem. This year’s Summit was a result of fruitful cooperation between Samsung R&D Institute Poland Suwon HQ, European Display Office, Samsung R&D Institute India – Delhi and Samsung R&D Institute Tijuana.

It brought together minds from across the industry for two days of knowledge exchange, presentations, and networking. We welcomed over 75 of Samsung Business Partners of all sorts of backgrounds and roles – CEOs, CTOs, developers, product managers and more.

Day 1: Partner Perspectives

The first day was enriched by innovative lectures from prominent Samsung Partners. Each of them presented invaluable insights, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and collaboration. Event attendees were privileged to learn from:

• Invidis – “Latest Trends in Digital Signage” – putting together most interesting and unique real-life examples of Smart Signage usage from around the world, such as video walls shaped to resemble windows at Tiffany’s store in New York.

• SignageOS – “Artificial Intelligence in Video Content Verification” – discussing the benefits associated with introduction of AI to Smart Signage and real time analysis of video content, allowing proof of play to be more reliable than ever.

• Nexmosphere – “Smart Signage Integration with Sensors” – presenting wide portfolio of the company’s sensors and multiple scenarios of integration with Samsung displays.

The diverse array of topics has set the stage for an eventful second day led by experts of three R&D centers – Samsung R&D Institute Poland(SRPOL), Samsung R&D Institute India and Samsung R&D Institute Tijuana.

Day 2: Samsung Takes the Stage

The spotlight shifted to Samsung R&D members who held engaging sessions:

• "SSSP on LED" – Covering SSSP APIs which were lately introduced to LEDs and how these can be useful.

• "TEP API Supplementation" – Introducing new Tizen Enterprise Platform APIs and providing a guide on how to migrate existing solutions.

• "Smart Signage Power Measurement Automation" – Sharing an idea of presence and illuminance sensor integration with Smart Signage to monitor power consumption and work on energy costs reduction.

• "SmartThings Peripherals" – Presenting a vision of endless possibilities coming from introduction of SmartThings IoT to Smart Signage ecosystem.

• "New Tizen 7.0 Features" – Summarizing everything that the new platform has to offer to developers.

• “Samsung Tizen API Assistant” – Introducing a tool which can come in handy for migration of existing solutions to TBM platform.

• “JavaScript Popular Frameworks” – Showcasing practical usage of JavaScript frameworks while developing for Smart Signage.

Key takeaways

Between sessions, guests and Samsung engineers participated in dedicated networking time, holding meaningful conversations. This unique aspect of the Summit serves as an opportunity for collaboration, enabling the exchange of ideas while fostering partnerships that extend beyond the event itself. As we reflect on Tizen Partner Summit, it's evident that the fusion of partners’ insights and our teams’ expertise not only allows us to expand our understanding of the latest trends in the industry but also inspires innovative ideas for the future.