[CES 2022] Samsung Research´s New Tech Trio ② Samsung Bot i – Next-generation interaction robot

Samsung Electronics’ CES 2022 booth is full of eye-catching innovations, but which products and technologies will viewers and visitors absolutely not want to miss? The answer is Samsung Research’s latest AI and robotics technology!

The theme for Samsung Research’s showcase at CES 2022 is “Digital, Meet Physical”. We show how the personalized experiences that millennials and zoomers value can be seamlessly connected to the digital world. Our CES 2022 booth demonstrates how AI and robots can come together to introduce innovative user experiences to the home of the future.

In the demonstration, we introduce Samsung Research’s latest new tech trio: an AI Avatar and two types of companion robots, the Samsung Bot i and the Samsung Bot Handy.

In this series, Samsung Research shares more details on our new technologies at CES 2022.

△ The Samsung Bot i, a next-generation home interaction robot

Samsung Research is currently working on various robotic-based platforms building on our extensive expertise in AI. At the CES 2022, we show two types of life companion robots: the Samsung Bot I, an interaction robot, and the Samsung Bot Handy, a household assistant robot through a combination of AI, Mobility, and Manipulation technologies.

The Samsung Bot i is a next-generation home interaction robot conceptualized as “Extension of Me”, facilitating natural user interaction and accommodating the communication between users with mobility. It has three key features: Self-Balancing, Dynamic Motion, and Human-Robot Interaction.

It uses a dynamic 2-wheel balancing motion to follow you around wherever you go. It moves like a living being, making dynamic and life-like movements. That way it’s ready to help out where and when you need it. For example, if you are having a video-call with your co-workers, it’ll stand by to help out, giving a boost to your productivity.

The Samsung Bot i can also respond to a user’s task via motion and uses information and telepresence to assist without spatial limitations. It can even mimic your co-workers’ movements, like a head gesture, which enhances the whole video conferencing experience. Also, when you are out of the house, it will patrol your space and let you know if anything untoward happens.

Being able to match the necessary gaze and rotation or inclination are very important factors in communication with people. In this aspect, the Samsung Bot i is high enough to make eye contact with the user who is either sitting or standing. Slim form-factor has benefit to move around in various environments such as narrow spaces with obstacles. As the result, it can provide comprehensive conveniences to users in need of help close by them.

The closer look about Samsung Research’s other companion robot, the Samsung Bot Handy, can be found in the following episode.

△ The Samsung Bot i is slim and high enough to make eye contact with the user