[CES 2022] Samsung Research´s New Tech Trio ③ Samsung Bot Handy – Housework robot

Samsung Electronics’ CES 2022 booth is full of eye-catching innovations, but which products and technologies will viewers and visitors absolutely not want to miss? The answer is Samsung Research’s latest AI and robotics technology!

The theme for Samsung Research’s showcase at CES 2022 is “Digital, Meet Physical”. We show how the personalized experiences that millennials and zoomers value can be seamlessly connected to the digital world. Our CES 2022 booth demonstrates how AI and robots can come together to introduce innovative user experiences to the home of the future.

In the demonstration, we introduce Samsung Research’s latest new tech trio: an AI Avatar and two types of companion robots, the Samsung Bot i and the Samsung Bot Handy.

In this series, Samsung Research shares more details on our new technologies at CES 2022.

△ The Samsung Bot Handy, a manipulation robot that can assist with household chores

The Samsung Bot Handy, your first housework robot, is also a part of Samsung’s future AI projects that we continue to develop and progress.

The Samsung Bot Handy is a robot that has been introduced to CES in 2021, which is mobile and recognizes objects in the house and can help out on a variety of household chores. In CES 2021, we showcased a technology that could pick up a single object based on learning. This year, we introduce a scenario called “tableware handling”. This technology enables the robot to pick items up after recognizing multiple objects and analyzing the surrounding environment.

With this upgraded technology, the Samsung Bot Handy can help you spend less time in your household chores with practical use cases enabled by three key features: Dexterous Manipulation through robot arm/hand and control, General Object Handling using a combination of AI and grasping, and Extended Workspace in 3D space through mobility and elevation.

By securing more advanced manipulation technology this year, it can recognize various things with different shapes and in different positions. Even if something is transparent or slightly blocked, it’s able to grasp it without colliding with things around it.

The Samsung Bot Handy can be a huge help for you working as your trusted partner because you can let it handle work around your house like cleaning up messy rooms or sorting out the dishes after a meal, and you can focus on the things you really have to do.

Samsung Research strives to improve AI and robotics technologies to achieve performance and affordability for commercial viability. We will continue to make our technologies that help users in their daily lives by closely interacting with them and making their lives happier and more convenient.

△ The Samsung Bot Handy can be a huge help for you working as your trusted partner