Samsung Electronics Holds the Third Samsung Security Tech Forum (SSTF)

on July 14, 2019

On August 20th, Samsung Electronics will host the 3rd itineration of Samsung Security Tech Forum (hereafter SSTF) at its Seoul R&D Campus in Umyeon-dong, Seoul.

SSTF is an annual event held by Samsung Electronics to expand the basis for software development and acquisition of skilled talents in the field of security technology. Since the first itineration of the event in 2017, SSTF has become the largest security forum in Korea and the premier forum for sharing the latest developments in the field of security technology.

As a forum of exchange involving not only Korean and international experts in the field of security technology but also academics, business representatives, and students interested in joining the future of the security industry, SSTF consists of the three events of △ the Security Technology Workshop, which includes keynote lectures and panel discussions; △ Open CTF (Capture the Flag); and △ Open Tech Talk.

Starting with the keynote speech given by SVP Daniel Ahn (Security Team), the supervisor of the field of security technology at Samsung Research, the Security Technology Workshop will include distinguished presenters such as △ Professor Taesoo Kim, a global expert of system security and the director of the GTS3 (Georgia Tech System Software and Security Center) at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech); △ Professor Ruoyu (Fish) Wang of Arizona State University, a famous hacker and an executive member of DEFCON CTF, the world’s premier international hacking competition; △ and CEO Brian Pak, the founder of the American security technology startup Theori and a member of the team PPP, the most decorated team in the history of DEFCON CTF.

This year’s forum also includes a new session in the form of the ‘Researches and Activities for Offensive Security in Samsung Research’, which shares the latest research activities and insights achieved by Samsung Research in the field of security.

Another event of note is the Open CTF (Capture the Flag), which allows everyone from beginners to the world of hacking to experts to evaluate their own capabilities as a hacker in a free-for-all individual competition. The event itself is divided into five areas of offense, defense, coding, reverse engineering, and cryptology.

Lastly, Open Tech Talk invites the future leaders of security technology industry for an early taste of the professional world: this event allows high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with interest toward security technology to present the results of their own research to experts from a diverse range of fields for expert verification and feedback.

VP Seunghwan Cho of Samsung Research commented on the significance of the SSTF as “Samsung Electronics will utilize the SSTF to construct and strengthen the networks and technological exchanges within the field of security as a global leader of security technology”, adding an insight into Samsung’s plans for future with “going forward, we are planning to expand participatory programs centered around the students, who will in turn lead the society of future”.

Indeed, Samsung Electronics will host ‘Hands on Lab’ on 21st of August, which is an event intended for elementary school-level students presenting an opportunity to experience the field of security and problem-solving in the format of popular ‘escape room’ games.

Application and information about the SSTF may be found at the official website of the event
( offered by Samsung Research.