It is an image about security. There are icons of a lock, light bulb, and fingerprint recognition, etc.

The IT environment is constantly evolving, and the volume and severity of security threats has been increasing as well. With the rapid development of technologies, such as mobile platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT), coupled with traditional industries, cyber-attacks have also become more intelligent. The frequency and size of the damage caused by these attacks are continuously escalating. As a result, there is a growing need for advanced security systems. Consequently it is evitable that the security focus should be expanded from PCs to IoT-, mobile-, and network-based systems, even to infrastructure as well. In addition, it is critical to satisfy diverse privacy regulations so that Samsung’s products comply with those regulatory requirements and protect users’ private data.

Samsung Research recognizes the importance of security, dealing with the above-mentioned challenges. We play a key role in delivering innovative security solutions to enhance the security level of Samsung products through in-depth defense and usable security mechanisms as well as in developing and deploying privacy protection solutions.

To achieve these goals and enhance the security and privacy verification of Samsung products and services, Samsung Research is building and operating security governance, in addition to developing core security technologies for the full-stack security of various product domains and privacy protection. Furthermore, we are proactively researching next-generation security technologies necessary for the future service environment. Specifically, we are investigating the following fields:

Samsung Research systematizes a security development lifecycle to practice and enforce product security policies, processes, and verification, and develops an intelligent integrated security platform to automatically collect, refine, analyze, and predict vulnerabilities and security threats.

Also, we are developing advanced security and privacy technologies for dealing with various domains, including device, network, service, and cloud layers, to protect Samsung’s products and all relevant data.

Finally, Samsung Research is further investigating new and emerging challenges that require unknown and new security requirements and demand in-depth research activities for innovative security technologies. In particular, we are focusing on data-driven security technologies with enhanced usability.

In the center is the Security icon with six icons showing a computer and analysis graph, etc., around it. A lock is drawn on all six icons.
In the centre is the Security icon with icons showing Device, Cloud, Service, and Network, around it. A lock is drawn on each icon.
In the center is the Next Generation Security icon with six icons showing personal information and iris, etc., around it.


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