Research Areas

Samsung Research plays a key role in developing core technologies to prepare future business
and discovering new growth engines of Samsung Electronics

Core Technology Themse - artificial intelligence, data intelligence, next generation communications, robot, tizen, lifecare wellness, next generation visual technology, security
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Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Research is developing next generation artificial intelligence technology which will adapt all Samsung products and services to become the new leader in Artificial Intelligence.

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Data Intelligence

Samsung Research aims to develop advanced data intelligence technologies, turning massive data into actionable insights and excellent user experiences, to provide more meaningful user values.

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Next Generation Communications

We aim to contribute towards the rise of Samsung as the premier telecommunications company in the world through various researches in core telecommunications technologies, distinct technologies in products and services, and MEC-based new business solutions.

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Samsung Research has set its goal to secure cutting-edge technologies for robotics delivering rich AI experiences to customers.

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Tizen is a Samsung’s common software platform to support multiple devices from smart devices to home appliances. Samsung Research works on expanding next intelligent products and IoT services powered by Tizen.

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Life Care & New Experiences

Life Care & New Experiences

Samsung Research is developing core technologies of smart device and AI-based personalized care solutions delivering a new level of life care and user experience.

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Next Generation Display & Media

Samsung Research aims to secure next generation display device and media processing technologies to open up new immersive media experiences.

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Samsung Research plays a key role in delivering innovative security solutions to enhance the security level of Samsung products through in-depth defense and usable security mechanisms as well as in developing and deploying privacy protection solutions.