Next Generation Visual Technology


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The media device and service market is expected to dramatically change due to recent technological factors, such as the full introduction of 5G services, on top of consumers’ needs for an improved sense of reality, the increase in one-person households, and social factors like the changing content consumption patterns.

First, to satisfy consumers’ needs for highly realistic media, not only technologies for improving resolution, like 8K TVs, but also new, highly immersive media devices and services, like high-resolution 3D videos, are expected to appear. Furthermore, demand is escalating for new form factor media devices that would enable convenient enjoyment of Internet media content like Over-the-Top (OTT) at high quality and without limitations of time and space because of the growing population of one-person households. Moreover, 5G communications for ultrahigh-speed and ultralow-latency transmission as well as edge computing services are becoming widespread. As such, the expectations for real-time interactive media experiences through them are further growing.

Samsung Research is working to provide new experiences and value to consumers by developing new media devices and services that can meet evolving consumers’ needs and by anticipatively responding to social and technological changes. For this, the objective is to realize “screen everywhere,” which would enable conveniently and easily enjoying the desired realistic media contents anytime, anywhere without latency, in a future home environment. In addition, Samsung Research considers securing core technologies for the verification of new media devices as its mission. To realize this task, we are conducting research on the following themes:

Samsung Research is developing a superb image quality technology and technology for processing media in line with next-generation ultrahigh-density displays like micro light-emitting diode (uLED).

Samsung Research is also developing next-generation screen devices of diverse form factors and features while also researching their usage scenarios and consumer benefits.

In addition, we are developing technologies for ultrahigh-speed and ultralow-latency 5G communication, coupled with ultralow-latency media processing that can provide interactive media experiences in real time in an edge computing service environment.

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