Next Generation Media

Next Generation Media visual image

The media service area is experiencing an explosion of innovation due to the rise of the fourth industrial revolution technologies including: AI(Artificial Intelligence), autonomous driving, and 5G communication. Media services have evolved from traditional unidirectional services such as Television/Radio to a bi-directional eco-system that enables interactive, instant, and personalized consumption of the unlimited media available on the internet.
This bi-directional ecosystem has facilitated explosive subscriber growth of Internet-based Over the top (OTT) services such as Netflix and YouTube. In turn, in order to reinforce All-In-One media service, there has been a dramatic increase in investment and production of original content.
Consequently, this new internet based All-In-One media service model now threatens the traditional media areas in which content providers and service providers (terrestrial/satellite/cable TV) are separated.
Samsung Research is actively developing advanced core technologies that will help spur creative growth throughout this new bi-directional media pipeline. We take a holistic approach tailoring advanced algorithms to their application and developing the hardware necessary to guarantee the smoothest, most realistic, and most enjoyable experience at the lowest power and cost all so your battery lasts longer and your budget doesn’t break.