Life Care & Wellness


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As improving the quality of life has recently emerged as a key goal for our society, the importance of life care has been highlighted. Especially as social and environmental changes that affect the quality of life progress rapidly, there is a growing need for a variety of services to respond appropriately to these changes and enhance the convenience and enjoyment of life.

One example of this change is that as we move into an aging society in earnest, the target of care is changing and the cost of treating the elderly population is increasing, but we are short of resources. The worsening problems of airborne pollution and the consequent increase in environmental diseases are raising people's concerns.

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Now, the life care that people want goes beyond just health care. We want to make the environment around us better, to feel younger, to live vibrant lives, and to address social issues. In the future, life care and wellness services that can meet people's needs and respond to social and environmental changes are expected to become smarter and more diverse based on rapid advances in AI, sensor, and data analytics technologies.

In response, Samsung Research is developing intelligent life care and wellness solutions to enhance the quality of life, especially using non-restraint sensor data trying to proactively address these social and environmental changes and improve the quality of life of consumers.

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To this end, we study technologies that can understand human conditions and accurately analyze the environment around us, advanced sensor technologies that can provide users with more advanced convenience, and technologies that can detect and solve environmental problems surrounding people.

Through these efforts and based on AI technology, Samsung Research is developing intelligent life care and wellness solutions that can provide people with more convenient and new experiences in a wide range of fields including health management, air quality, beauty and skin, food, elderly care, and fitness.