Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Core Technology Themes

As Samsung Electronics’ advanced R&D hub, Samsung Research aims to discover new growth engines and prepare the future for Samsung Electronics.

To achieve this goal, we are developing the next cutting-edge technologies that will offer an entirely new experience with value.

Also, Samsung Research is redefining the future. We are aspiring to understand people and lifestyles to deliver meaningful experiences enabled by technologies. More Info

  • Ai
    Artificial Intelligence

    We are developing next generation artificial intelligence platform which will adapt all Samsung products and services to become the new leader in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Di
    Data Intelligence

    Samsung Research aims to develop advanced data intelligence technologies, turning massive data into actionable insights and excellent user experiences, to provide more meaningful user values.

  • NGC
    Next Generation Communications

    To pave the way for a new world of experiences, Samsung Research is focusing on the evolution of 5G. At the same time, we are set to accelerate research for 6G with the vision of "The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All”.

  • Robot

    Samsung Research has set its goal to secure cutting-edge technologies for robotics delivering rich AI experiences to customers.

  • Tizen

    Tizen is a Samsung’s common software platform to support multiple devices from smart devices to home appliances. Samsung Research works on expanding next intelligent products and IoT services powered by Tizen.

  • Life
    Life Care & New Experiences

    Samsung Research is developing core technologies of smart device and AI-based personalized care solutions delivering a new level of life care and user experience.

  • NGM
    Next Generation Display & Media

    Samsung Research aims to secure next generation display device and media processing technologies to open up new immersive media experiences.

  • Security

    Samsung Research plays a key role in delivering innovative security solutions to enhance the security level of Samsung products through in-depth defense and usable security mechanisms as well as in developing and deploying privacy protection solutions.