C-Lab at CES 2020. Small Ideas, Big Innovations. January 7-10 / Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51248-#51259. We proudly introduce 5 C-Lab projects and 12 Startups at CES 2020! C-Lab Inside, C-Lab Outside, C-Lab Spin-offs, CES Innovation Awards Winners. C-Lab Spin-offs. Introduced in 2015, C-Lab Spin-off is a one of the exit strategies of C-Lab Inside projects. C-Lab projects that are not transferred into in-house division but still have great market potential are given an opportunity to launch a startup. Samsung supports the spin-off companies through seed money investment and business consulting to accelerate their growth. As of today, 40 startups have spun off from Samsung Electronics. In this year's CES, eight Spin-offs are presenting the cutting-edge technology. LINKFLOW. LVCC South Hall 1 #21639. 'The World First Wearable 360-degree Camera' FITT360 is 360 VR Camera to capture 360 degrees around user. Neckband form designed for a user-friendly environment with totally hands-free. 360-degree video calling(up to 4 people) and live streaming based on LTE and 5G network. Two hands-free/Maximized portability. 4K 360-dgree VR/360-degree video calling. Real time live streaming. 'The Next Generation Wearable 360-degree CCTV Camera' NEXX360 is Wearable 360-degree CCTV Camera. Ease of wearing and connecting beyond existing CCTV camera. 360-degree video without blind zone, and By using LTE, 5G or AP SOULTION enable real-time monitoring. 360 degrees. Live streaming. Form fitting Neckband. Continuous stable local recording. Easy and fast installation. LTE & 5G connectivity. www.linkflow.co.kr/ contact@linkflow.co.kr Lululab. LVCC South Hall 3 #31703. 'AI Beauty & Lifestyle Assistant, LUMINI Home' LUMINI Home is an AI Beauty & Lifestyle Assistant that provides skin-data based integrative personalized solutions to home beauty care users using Interactive AI and Data Intelligence technology. LUMINI Home will become a platform to bring an entire beauty market to your home by connecting all the beauty devices and products with curated contents for users. AI Skin Analysis. AI Lifestyle Management. 1) Daily Environment Information. 2) Optimize efficacy of beauty devices & cosmetics. www.lulu-lab.com / lulubal@lulu-lab.com MOPIC. LVCC, TECH EAST SOUTH HALL 1 #21648. 'A Digital Signage that never seen before' Offer attractive advertisements with unnoticeable change! Our product will help create an empowering new advertisement strategy. Glasses-free 3D / Multi-Use / 3D AD template. 'Close-to-reality Visual Experience' A personal display, based on accurate eye traking techcology, that allows the user's full immersion under any circumstance. Glasses-free 3D. Eye-tracking & Realtime-rendering. www.mopic.co.kr / info@mopic.co.kr MONIT Smart Care Solution. Sands, HallG, Eureka Park #51263. 'MONIT Smart Elderly Care System' Coming to CES 2020, Monit is introducing the most sophisticated IoT adult diaper sensing solution leading to better care for seniors. Designed for the large and growing adult diaper market, Monit's smart diaper technology and Elderly Care System will provide older patients a better quality of life, caregivers more work efficiency, family members a sense of relief with daily information on the status of their loved ones, and facilities will appreciate that this can help cut costs. www.goodmonit.com WELT.  Sands, Level2, Hall A-D #44625. 'Smart Belt - Fall Prevention' The SMART BELT is a solution that helps the elderly manage their risk of fall. It detects the user's symptoms for fall in advance, by accurately analyzing the walking pattern. It then informs the user of the future fall risk through notifications of the connected app. WAIST SIZE. FALL RISK. SITTING. GAIT PATTERN. ACTIVITY. EATING. www.weltcorp.com / info@weltcorp.com Linkface. Sands, HallG, Eureka Park #53322. 'Safe Listening for Kids' Dear automatically evaluates hearing sensitivity with biopotential monitoring. It tracks and regulates exposure to loud sounds and guides children how to practice listening behavior that minimizes the risk of hearing loss. Automatic Hearing Assessment. Audiometric Equalization. Sound Dose Control. www.linkface.co / hello@linkface.co Analogue Plus. LVCC, South Plaza #61207. 'Safe and Convenient Communication Helmet' When you wear this helmet you can easily get a call, listen navigation or music. Even while fast-riding, our beamforming-microphone system makes you talk in the library. In addition, our circuit system makes it lighter and safer than any helmet. Listen to Music. Phone Call. Navigation. www.analogue-plus.com / contact@analogue-plus.com LUPLE. Sands, HallG, Eureka Park #51223. LUPLE sets out to improve your life through AI and human centric lighting technology, It makes benefit for human wellness and energy saving. The product's AI recognizes user's actions and provides better environment. Digital Caffeine. By using light of specific wavelength that is harmless to human body. It gives a healthy awakening effect at various moments that require concentration and ventilation such as work time and study time. Ease of use provides almost the same awakening effect as a cup of coffee. Action Recognition Technology. Human Centric Lighting Solution. AI Technology. ceo@luple.co.kr
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