C-Lab at CES 2020. Small Ideas, Big Innovations. January 7-10 / Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51248-#51259. We proudly introduce 5 C-Lab projects and 12 Startups at CES 2020! C-Lab Inside, C-Lab Outside, C-Lab Spin-offs, CES Innovation Awards Winners. C-Lab Inside. C-Lab Inside is Samsung's in-house idea incubation program which enables its employees to nurture their ideas into meaningful offerings. It was established at the end of 2012, to discover new ideas as well as instill a creative corporate culture throughout the company. C-Lab has incubated 259 projects with the participation of 1060 employees since its establishment. Five promising C-Lab projects are showcased and await to meet attendees across the world. SelfieType. Sands Hall G, Eureka Park, #51248. 'Experience the new Virtual AI keyboard' SelfieType analyzes finger movements coming from the front facing camera, and converts them into keyboard typing. With SelfieType the only key you will need is yourself. Hand motion analysis through the front RGB camera. Deep learning algorithm. Virtual AI keyboard. Hyler. Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51250. 'Collecting every knowledge from paper, Hyler.' Hyler is a smart highlighter that lets you digitally scrap and search texts on paper. Hyler seamlessly links your analog experience of reading from papers to digitally utilizing those information according to your needs on your mobile device. Management of scrapped texts. Extensive search experience. Maintaining UX of conventional highlighter. Becon. Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51252. 'Be confident with healthy hair!' 'Becon' is a hair-loss home care service to analyze the scalp condition at home. Becon's mobile application will demonstrate quantitative analysis of the scalp condition and find the best product matching with the scalp diagnostic results. Measure scalp condition. Quantitative analysis. Suggest suitable solution. Big Data management. SUNNY SIDE. Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51256. 'Sunlight For You. Anytime, Anywhere.' SunnySide is a window shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight. You can enjoy beautiful sunlight that changes every hour by copying full spectrum of sunlight, and you can also produce Vitamin D in your skin by sunbathing indoors without worrying about aging or tanning. The bright sunlight we made is also helpful to make you happy. ULTRA V. Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park #51254. 'Wide Field of View UV Sensor' UltraV is a new concept UV sensor that is independent from the incident angle. UltraV can provide unconscious UV care service like a pedometer in your mobile device so you can monitor and manage the influence of solar UV radiation for your health. Also, UltraV is able to use in smart UV protection feature for your car and building windows application. SOLAR UV INDEX. UV EXPOSURE MILEAGE. SKIN & VITAMIN D MONITORING. REAL-TIME GLOBAL UV MAP. SMART CAR WINDOW SYSTEM. BUILDING INTELLIGENT WINDOW SYSTEM.
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