Experience & Insight

Our mission
What’s next
begins here.

We are building the products and services of tomorrow with emerging technologies, behaviors and trends — all through the lens of the users.


Design experiences to answer real human needs to maximize the potential of Samsung’s world-renowned engineering capabilities.


Develop insights based on a deep understanding of emerging cultural, social, and technological trends with multidisciplinary lenses.

Our role in Samsung Research
We are the voice
of the users.

We bring a strong user centric perspective to drive the development of future technologies for Samsung’s consumer products.

Samsung Research E&I
A people first approach
What technology
can should do.

Technology is in service of human needs. We work within Samsung Research to help examine and identify the right technology to build through the lens of the users.

A people first approach
Our philosophy
Our philosophy
Technology without humanity is perfection without purpose. Federico Casalegno
Innovating across the globe
Diversity sparks

We have 3 innovation labs operating across 3 continents. Diversity insires anf fuels our creativity. We love seeing different perspectives flourish and drive our innovation.

EU Milan

At the heart of downtown Milano, surrounded by the innovators and industry leaders of the culture and fashion capital of Europe, our EU studio is a hub to understand EU consumer while constantly injecting inspired thinking and interconnectivity.

US San Francisco

Located in downtown San Francisco, the US studio is the perfect location to observe US consumers' emerging lifestyle and cultural trends, while capturing the latest and greatest innovation from Silicon Valley

KR Seoul

Located at the heart of innovation at Samsung in Seoul, our KR Studio works closely with 8 major tech divisions of Samsung Research, the company’s advanced R&D hub that leads the development of future technologies for its consumer product business.

Our process.
Co-creation drives

We are a creative powerhouse with different expertise and knowledge. Our design thinking process allows us to co-create with the users from day one.



Conduct research to better understand people’s needs and wants.



Identify unmet needs and opportunity areas.



Brainstorm solutions and test to learn.



Bring the vision to life and define the future roadmap.