Smart Machine

With the rapid development of ICT including AI(Artificial Intelligence), robotics, and cloud computing, there is a growing possibility of the advent of smart machine market.

Smart machine, such as a robot and a self-driving car, is a machine that autonomously operates based on the perception and judgement of the surrounding environments. In particular, a smart machine should be able to control and react right on time. Moreover, its incorrect operation causes critical damage to objects and even to human, and in the worst case, malfunction causes human causalities. Therefore, the demands for software platform with AI, real-time, reliability and safety are getting more increased rapidly than ever in the industry.

In that repect, Samsung Research is conducting research and development to secure cutting edge software for the next generation smart machines, especially focusing on software platform and safety technology for the smart machines.

At Samsung Research, we are concentrating on the development of software platform for smart machine to secure the next generation platform leading future smart machine industry. Furthermore, to attain the world's highest level of safety and reliability, the smart machine software platform is being developed in accordance with strict rules of functional safety lifecycle management.

We believe that our experience, insights, and expertise in smart machine technology will guarantee the best quality of smart machine software platform and its derived products.