The IT environment is constantly evolving, and consequently security threats are tremendously increasing as well. With the rapid development of technologies such as mobile platform and IoT(Internet of Things) coupled with traditional industries, hacking and cyber-attacks have also become more intelligent. The frequency and size of the damage are continuously escalating. As a result, there is a growing need for advanced security systems, and the subject of the trend is also moving from PC to IoT, Mobile and Network-based systems.

Samsung Research recognizes the importance of security, and we play a key role in delivering a security assessment technology to organize our security and enhancing the security level of enterprise products through intelligent security services.

To protect our products and user's personal information, we are pursuing full-stack security for various domains such as device, network, service, and cloud, and building an Attack-Resilient platform for IoT device security. In order to strengthen security verification for Samsung products and services, we are building and operating security governance. Additionally, we predict and respond to threats in real-time through intelligent threat analysis services.

Samsung Research reinforces our corporate value by innovating and improving product security level with the advanced technology and providing differentiated security service.