Next Generation Media

With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution such as AI(Artificial Intelligence), autonomous driving, 5G communication, a wind of innovation is blowing over the media service areas. The media service has been evolved from the traditional one-directional services such as TV/Radio to the bi-directional eco-system enabling interactive, instant, and personalized consumption of the unlimited media on the Internet.

Explosive subscriber growth of the Internet-based OTT (Over the top) services such as Netflix and YouTube, led to expanding investment on the production of original contents in order to reinforce All-In-One media service.

Consequently, this new service model has come to a big threat to the traditional media areas in which content providers and service providers (terrestrial/satellite/cable TV) are separated.

Accordingly, Samsung Research has been developing core technologies to create next generation new media services under the All-IP era, especially, focusing more on developing AI media technologies to renovate the whole media chains from creation to transmission and consumption for convenient and smart access to the unlimited media on the Internet.

To do so, Samsung Research focuses on AI-based media compression and quality enhancement technologies, processor, media recommendation, etc.