With the rapid development of information and communication technologies such as IoT(Internet of Things), cloud computing, AI(Artificial Intelligence), social media, etc., the 4th industrial revolution era has begun.

As the economy paradigm has shifted from producer-driven to consumer-driven, many global companies are transforming into smart enterprises to meet diverse requirements from consumers.

Samsung Research is researching and developing various information and communication technologies which smart enterprises require. Especially, we are focusing on Industrial IoT.

IoT technology is being applied to all the surrounding environments such as home, office, automobile, factory, smart city, etc., and Samsung Research is developing an Industrial IoT technology by leveraging cloud and artificial intelligence technology. Our Industrial IoT technology integrates and optimizes the whole processes of product development, production, logistics and sales.

We are also researching the edge computing technology that collects, processes, and analyzes various types of factory data in the edge device close to the terminal devices in order to increase the real-time data processing performance of the Industrial IoT services and to minimize the network bottleneck.